Summer Wardrobe

Most people that know me, know I LOVE to shop. I have champagne taste with a six-pack budget. I’m pretty sure the girls at Aritzia know me by first name basis, in more than one store (oops). Recently I am have tried to branch out a bit and pair some of my more expensive pieces with the up and coming trends from more affordable establishments #forever28 (unless you are Kim K – then go for the champagne).

Since the summer in Vancouver is ~ 3.5 months at best, I sometimes have a hard time justifying more expensive purchases, that more than likely with not be in the following year.

Here are some of my recent finds, all in which I cannot get enough of.


(from Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

Forever 21 – Dress

Aldo – Shoes

Forever 21 – Hat 

Artizia – Grey Dress

Forever 21 – Off The Shoulder Top, Denim Shorts & Slides

Forever 21 –Sandals

Jillian Harris For Privlege – Striped Dress

Forever 21 – Overalls 

Aritizia – Ribbed Dress

Shop State Of Grace  – Graphic T- Shirt

Not in the pictures, but picked up a bit of a splurge two piece bathing suit from lululemon of all places – decent quality, with mix and match options to suit your body type (Top/Bottoms)

Most of these pieces were affordable – even the Aritzia dresses were reasonably priced, keep your eyes peeled, I managed to get most of these things on sale – Forever 28 may be my new go to!

Happy Shopping!




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