Dos & Do Nots Of Online App Dating

Ok confession – then again what people in their early 20s to early 30s (and beyond) have not attempted some sort of online dating – tinder, bumble, plenty of fish, maybe even

I will be straight up #noshame typically it’s a curiosity/ego boost thing for me. I often download, attempt for about 48 hours and then delete and carry on with life. After my recent Panago disaster date I did dabble into the online scene as a pick me up.

Most of the time the fellows are pretty friendly and appropriate in my experience, aside from the occasional ghosting. That being said I had one encounter with a gentleman recently – who in fact was far from. Now the interaction makes me chuckle, in the moment I was horrified. Typically the conversations start out relatively surface level. Maybe a light joke to break the ice? I am all about the wit so I would much rather have  a somewhat tasteful, but funny opening line to get things rolling. Conversation started short and sweet for the first interaction – then things escalated mighty quickly. A “how are you doing” turned to an a very AGGRESSIVE sexual innuendo, not even innuendo more like harassment. Given recent events in my life i.e. – Panago date my “Woman Power” was in full force. After the aggressive statement I simply asked this dude if this had worked for him in the past. His response was well “I am a (insert stereotypical male profession) and yes it has”. Ironically enough my Dad could have been his boss at some point in time, I definitely let him know this. His tone changed rather quick, funny how that happens – what a dingus.

Moral of the story – the world in fact is very small, and sometimes we should think twice about what comes from our lips, or better yet our quick fingers.

Guys & gals for that matter, keep it tasteful if you can. Going balls to the wall literally, not  always the best approach, but I suppose there are different strokes for different folks.

Stay Classy San Diego



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