Long Weekend, How To Shameproof

The sun has finally shown it’s face on the West Coast. Despite working part of the long weekend, I made sure I over indulged and got some much needed Vitamin D.

That being said yesterday and today for that matter, I am feeling tres guilty about dabbling into adult beverages, chips, corn dogs, donuts – well lets be honest anything I could get my filthy paws on – opps!

So in reflection, how could I prevent this awful feeling in the future – physically and emotionally.

Here are a few of the things I like to TRY to do before, during and after a wild weekend and/or vacation.

Easier said that done sometimes, but try to schedule in some physical activity. Depending on where your long weekend takes you this could mean a handful of things. This weekend we stayed local so I was able to get in a few spin classes (and not because I had to teach either). The girls and I committed to doing a spin class each morning, prior to our planned activities. Given the over indulging we always questioned what we were thinking before class started, but post sweat we felt SO good (also I feel like flash backs to almost throwing up mid class made me rethink the choice of food or drink later that day haha).

If you are away for the weekend get out for a walk, run, hike – I was also able to do this locally; amazing way to sweat while soaking up some rays (PS Kits Pool is open for the summer as of last weekend). I know vacation time is vacation time, and sometimes you just do not want to be active. If you are away and curious, feel free to check out some of the local gym spots (do your pre screen via social media, ask friends, google the local spin studios, yoga studios, running groups, sometimes even local lululemon stores offer free activities). These have been some the best exercise experiences for me, pushing me right out of my comfort zone and into something I never thought I would try – and even enjoyed!


Best way to avoid the sodium bloat and wicked post “adult drink” headache, nausea, vomiting and generalized death feeling. If you are double fisting (which yes I did), try to do one water and one “non-water” to balance out and pace yourself – key.  I always have my Swell Bottle handy (full of H2O of course), yes a little pricey but totally worth it.


Depending on where you’re staying, what you’re doing, food availability this could be hard. That being said I do find that if even I have a few healthy snacks on hand to reach for I am less likely to have my blood sugar plummet and Brit-zillaing for everything in sight (like Sunday night when I almost had a coronary at the Tim Horton’s drive-thru because they were out of Everything Bagels – my world was ending). If you are heading to a BBQ or party there are still plenty of healthy tasty snacks you can bring that will be crowd pleasers – pinterest is an exceptional resource. Or if you are eating out treat yourself one meal, but try to eat clean for the remainder.

Getting Back On Track

Always a struggle. The big one – rest. Ensure you make it to bed early at the end of the weekend (if you can), attempting to catch up on all those missed Zs. I have meal planned for this week, not restricting how much food I am eating, but what I am eating. Ensuring I am fueling my body with nutritious foods – ditch the empty calories. I have also committed to at least my minimum workouts for the week, and plan to stick to it. Pre planning is essential for me when it comes to eating and exercising – I get more done when I stick to a plan!

Most Importantly Enjoy 

Life truly is about balance, and yes it is an awful, guilty feeling after the carb loading, ETOH loading (nerdy term for booze), and lack of sleep getting; but if you had a great time, with great people – it really is about having the positives outweigh the negatives. Don’t beat yourself up, try to make some adjustments, but don’t restrict yourself – moderation is what it is all about!

Sometimes you just gotta treat yo self.





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