Spinnin’ Outta Control, How Spinning Changed My Life – For Real

I always used to joke about working part time as a nurse, and part time as a spin teacher. My first love has always been fitness, I joined the local gym with my Mom at fourteen, and have never looked back. 

I first discovered spin while visiting my cousin in Calgary, for none other than the Calgary Stampede. Double fisting hot dogs and beers for a week – I NEEDED to break that up with some form of physical activity. Spinning was just starting to make its come back in the fitness scene – so I jumped on board. A new studio had just opened a train ride away, I hopped on and headed to my first class. HOOKED! I have never sweat like that before, and jammed out in a dark room full of energy. I literally took the train everyday, by my lonesome – on vacation – just to spin (not normal).

A couple summers later I had moved back to the suburbs from the city and my mom had informed me they were opening a spin studio in the neighbourhood. One afternoon I was searching for details on this mysterious studio, I came across of all things a Craigs List ad looking for instructors – no experience needed. I figured it was a long shot, but one email and a phone call later and my days off lined up with the training dates – I was on my way to becoming a spin instructor.

The training was intense and to say my butt was sore is an understatement. Finding music, making playlists, knowing the moves, keeping on the beat – it was all a lot to take in and still is. But I love every minute of it.

Working at the studio part time has allowed me to build confidence, meet some amazing humans, feel like part of a community, and most importantly do my own self care for my “regular job”. Between the sweat, clients “woooooing” in class, the endorphin rush post class, and knowing I just kicked my own butt and hopefully a couple more, is well worth it. People often ask how or why I do it when I already have full time work. Never does teaching a class feel like “work” – as my Dad always says “love what you do and you will never work a day in your life”.

I am a huge advocate for self care, maintaining your mental health, and staying active. I do have a demanding job that presents stress in many ways, paired with working long hours – but every job, and life in general has its own stresses, even more reason to have a release from them.

Yes the physical benefits to spin have been epic, and although I should, I do not always second guess reaching for that donut or handful of chips – opps. That being said the mental benefits have outweighed any physical. I can honestly say between the people I have met who have influenced my life for the better (check out my girl Elise @intrinsic_fitness), to the physiological effects the exercise has on my brain, I have never been happier.

The Coles Notes to all of this is to find something you LOVE to do. I am lucky mine is something that keeps me active, but it could be anything for you. Pause from life for a second and take a minute for you, you’ve earned it.




If you’re into spinning here are some great studios I have ridden at:

YYC Cycle  http://yyc-cycle.com/

Spin House Cycling Studio  https://www.spinhouse.ca/

Ride Cycle Club https://ridecycleclub.com/

Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary http://eastwoodcycle.com/

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